Estate Planning

Estate planning is often something people think about but put off until a later time in their life. However, if pushed to the side, one risks the chance of passing away without a Will or passing away with their assets and belongings passing through intestate laws. In this situation, you are not able to designate who gets what, the State of Texas decides for you.

Many people like to know how the estate planning process works. If you schedule an appointment with Leigh Cates Law Firm, PLLC, we will first set up an initial consultation for your estate planning. During the initial consultation we will go over your particular situation and will advise on the best options to make sure your assets and belongings pass to whom you choose. At this time we will discuss your Will, any non-probate beneficiary designations, and a range of other documents that can be prepared to best fit your needs. Among the different estate planning documents are: Wills, Medical Powers of Attorney, Statutory Durable Powers of Attorney, Directive to Physicians & Family or Surrogates, Trusts, Declaration of Guardian Before Need Arises, Declaration of Guardian for My Children, Authorization for Disclosure of Protected Health Information, Revocable Transfer on Death Deed, and an Appointment for Disposition of Remains.

After you have reviewed the drafts of the documents that were prepared for you, we will then set up a final execution at our office.

If you would like to proceed with setting up an estate planning consultation, please call 281-967-7988.